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Creative Packaging's
from scratch start-up
was so unique that it
earned us a magazine

About Creative Packaging

Creative Packaging was founded in 1997 just after the
1996 Atlanta Olympic Games.  John McIntosh, our
founder, had served as the Competition Manager for the
Yachting Olympics in Savannah.  As all Olympic jobs end,
so did John's.  In a search for a local manufacturing
company to buy, John's interest in the box industry
developed and Creative Packaging was started.

From the onset, our company has been dedicated to
High Quality and the Highest Level of Customer

Now almost a decade later, our staff and our
manufacturing equipment have developed to the point
that we are now a sophisticated, full service packaging

We strive to partner with our customers to seize
their opportunities and to solve their problems

Our customer list includes:
Johnson & Johnson
International Paper
Packaging Corporation of America
Smurfit-Stone Container
and many fine regional & local businesses
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