Slotted Cartons

A large number of box sizes and designs can be produced as slotted cartons.  This type of production
allows us to use our adjustable machines with no customer specific tooling required.

Printing Plates would be required if customer specific art is to be printed on the cartons. See
Regular Slotted Carton (RSC)

All flaps have the same length, and the two outer flaps are
one-half of the box's width, so they meet in the middle when
folded.  This is the most common carton style and has very
little manufacturing waste.
Full Overlap Slotted Carton (FOL)

All flaps have the same length (the width of the box).  When
closed, the outer flaps come within one inch of completely

The top and bottom are able to hold greater weights and they
provide extra cushioning and a flat surface on which to load.
Half Slotted Carton (HSC)

A Regular Slotted Carton without one set of flaps.  
Five Panel Folder (5PF)

A single cut and scored piece featuring a fifth panel that
completely overlaps one side.  The carton can be wrapped
around the product and then secured.  This style is good for
very long products that would be difficult to end load.  The
closed box has several layers of board on the ends, providing
extra cushioning.
Slotted Cartons can come in all sizes.  The two
most popular paper colors are Kraft (brown) and
Mottled White (white).

For information on Printing Plates please link to
Tooling Page.
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