Depending on your needs tooling for the carton structure, Die Cuts, or tooling for your printing, or both may
be required.

Because these are up front cost they often play are part in the final carton design.

Cutting dies come both in Flat and Rotary.  Flat dies are needed if the parts are very small or the
tolerances are very tight.  Flat dies are a little less expensive to manufacture but generally operate on
machines that have lower parts per hour numbers.  
Rotary dies run on faster equipment but are a little more
expensive at first.  For budgeting purposes $1.75 for Flat and $2.50 for Rotary per inch of rule (the rule cuts
or creases the carton) including the perimeter.

Print Plates come in all sizes depending on the art to be presented.  A separate plate is required for each
color.  Print plate cost vary by complexity, what we start with as art, their size and the number of colors.  For
budgeting purposes $2.25 per square inch is usually safe.
These are two different sizes of Print Plates.
A Flat Cutting die is on the left.  A Rotary die is on
the right.  Both of these dies cut four (4) end caps
(4 out).
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